Bugs Everywhere is a “distributed bugtracker”, designed to complement distributed revision control systems.


Bugs Everywhere is packaged for Debian, install the bugs-everywhere package. However, this does not seem to contain the interactive web interface, so you might want to also clone the repository.

git clone git://gitorious.org/be/be

Adding a bug

When you add a bug, either by the web interface, or the command line, you will get a new file like this.


The first UUID (bea...) is the bug directory UUID. You can have mutiple directories in the .be directory, perhaps one for bugs, and one for planning. However, I am not sure how this is used correctly, and there seems to be a bug in the be new command when I tried to specify a bug directory explicitly.

Adding a comment

This creates two new files, values, which contains a JSON object describing the comment, and body, which contains the text for the comment.



Web Interfaces

There are at least a couple of web interfaces for bugs everywhere.


The first and simplist can be accessed by using the be html command. With no options, this will start serving up pages that look like this.

HTML index
HTML bug page

Cherry Flavoured Bugs Everywhere (cfbe)

cfbe index
cfbe bug page