I ordered a Librem 13, all the way back at the end of June (2017), and it was shipped at the end of October.

Prior to getting my Librem 13, I've been using a Lenovo T431s which is a great little laptop. The hardware worked ok with Debian, although the Intel Wi-Fi card required some non-free software (iwlwifi), and I never tried the fingerprint reader. The hardware is also a little limiting, as there isn't any support for M.2 SSDs, and it can only support 12GB of RAM.

The Librem 13 however supports up to 16GB of RAM, as well as a M.2 SSD. Rather than using Debian, I've been transitioning to use GNU Guix for a couple of years now, so this is what I installed on my new Librem 13, hence the stickers I added!

I brought the laptop with a M.2 SSD in it, but then put a SATA SSD in as well. This required a bit of fiddling as one of the internal cables was in the space for the SSD, so I had to move it a bit.

I was planning to put the Guix store on the bigger SATA SSD, while keeping the root partition on the M.2 SSD, with both disks using Btrfs on top of dm-crypt.

Unfortunately I had some issues setting this up. The partitioning scheme I had in mind isn't quite supported by GuixSD yet, as if I remember correctly, the Grub configuration generated is incorrect. For now, I just have the store on the M.2 SSD.

As for using it, the main issue I've had is the webcam initially not working, which is a bit of a non-issue, as I don't have much use for the webcam. I've been in contact with Purism support, and I could return it for a replacement, but at the moment I'm fine with the one I've got. However, today the webcam sprang in to life for a few minutes, which is pretty exciting.

The other minor gripe I have is not being able to tell if it's off or suspended without opening it up. The T431s has a little red LED on the top, which will pulsate if it's suspended, which is reassuring that it's actually suspended when you close the lid.

As for the rest of the hardware, it's pretty awesome. The case feels very tough and sturdy, and the keyboard and trackpad work well. All in all, I think it's a great bit of hardware, and I really like Purism's emphasis on user freedoms through free software.