On Monday I started working on Thread. A 3 year old startup that has set out to reinvent how the world buys clothes.

On arrival, I began setting my office machine up with Debian, and left it cloning the rather large git repository while I and the rest of the company went out to a nearby pub for lunch. By the end of the day I had my office machine setup, my name on the website and had begun working on a small feature for the order management part of the site.

On Tuesday, work came to a halt at 11:30. Everyone set of to London Fields for the picnic in celebration of Thread's 3rd birthday.

Wednesday was actually normal as far as I can remember, Thursday featured a office movie night, and today (Friday) I had published my first contribution to the site, along with enjoying my first office lunch.

Thread use a great set of technologies, Python, Django, PostgreSQL and Debian. I have learned loads in just my first week, and I can't wait to get stuck in over the next few weeks.