My last event in Southampton last week was the Maptime Southampton June meetup. This was a joint event organised by Charlie (who regularly organises Maptime Southampton) and Rebecca Kinge who I believe runs Dangerous Ideas Southampton.

The event, Mapping Real Treasure featured some introductions from Charlie and Rebecca, and then several small talks from various interesting people, and myself.

Other talks included a map of fruit trees, Placebook, some work by the University of Southampton and SUSU relating to students and local businesses from Julia Kendal, Chris Gutteridge's recent Minecraft/OpenStreetMap/Open Data project, and some very cool OpenStreetMap jigsaw pieces from Rebecca's husband (whose name I cannot remember/find).

The slides (git repository) for my talk are available. The aim was to give a brief introduction to what OpenStreetMap is, particularly mentioning interesting things like the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team.

I was not quite expecting to be presenting to such a large (~50 people!) varied audience (age and gender). In hindsight, I should have probably done a better sell of OSM, rather than the talk I gave, which was more technical in nature. I ended up talking more on the nature of OSM being a digital map, consisting of data, and skipping over the slides I had on editing OSM, I did however demo using iD at the end of the presentation (although I should have perhaps had this as a bigger part).

Towards the end of the presentation, I discussed the legal side of OSM, in terms of the copyright of the data, and the licensing. Although, again I am unsure if I approached this issue correctly, I think I should have probably given examples of what you can do with OSM, and then related this back to the license and copyright.

I should probably also mention the Maptime May meetup, where I ran a smaller workshop on OpenStreetMap and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. For this I wrote two presentations, one for OSM and the other specifically for HOT. The shorter presentation I gave recently was adapted from these two presentations.